Gilad Hochman Composer Israel Berlin New Classical Music Composer Art Musc Live Concert

Most impressive is Mr. Hochman’s gift for

assembling musical gestures  ─  The New York Times

Including soloists


A Voice in the Wilderness for orchestra

Nedudim for solo mandolin and string orchestra

Suspended Reality for orchestra


Concertino for string orchestra and flute obbligato

Happily Ever After for orchestra

Voice for violin and large ensemble 

Vocal and Choral

​Night Winds for soprano and piano

Whom My Soul Loveth for cello solo and choir

Beyond Nine Lakes for choir

Sim Shalom (Grant Peace) for cantor and choir

Szymborska for woman’s ensemble

On the Verge of an Abyss for mixed ensemble

Prayer of the Living for choir

Voice and Ensemble —

River of Silence for soprano, theorbo and perc.


Lior for soprano and ensemble

The Creation Septet for soprano and ensemble



Shedun Fini for clarinet, cello and piano

Slightly Disturbed for violin, clarinet and cello

Prayer without Words for sop. saxophone and harp

Nocturnal Episode for shakuhachi and baroque vln.


Quest for saxophone and piano

Brief Memories for string trio

Five for mixed quartet

Restricted Military Zone for percussion duo


Operation 60-20 for percussion duo


Winter for flute and vibraphone


Akeda for viola

Rhapsody for cello


Variations for violin 


Monologue for saxophone

Two Episodes for mandolin

In Pursuit Of... for solo harpsichord 

90 Sec. for saxophone


Pia-no! - prelude and toccata 

Pondering on a Memory for cello

Moment Before… for violin

Three Episodes for saxophone


Makom - fantasia for flute

Israel 2001 for violin

Recordings List