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Gilad Hochman Composer Israel Berlin New Classical Music Composer Art Musc Live Concert

This miracle of a chamber piece is the work

of Gilad Hochman  ─  Jewish Voice From Germany

List of works Gilad Hochman



Suspended Reality [2015] for symphony orchestra


A Voice in the Wilderness [2006] for orchestra


Happily Ever After [2003] for orchestra


Soloists and Orchestra


Nedudim (Wanderings) [2014] Fantasia Concertante for solo mandolin and string orchestra


Voice [2004] for solo violin and large ensemble [arr. orchestra]


Concertino [2003] for string orchestra and flute obbligato



Sim Shalom (Grant Peace) [2017] for cantor and SATB choir

Beyond Nine Lakes [2013] for mixed SSAATTBB choir a cappella


Prayer of the Living [2012] Elegy and Canon for mixed SSATB choir a cappella 


Whom My Soul Loveth [2009] for cello solo and mixed SSAATB choir



Night Winds [2015] Vocalize for soprano and piano


Szymborska [2013] for woman’s ensemble a cappella


On the Verge of an Abyss [2008] for mixed ensemble a cappella

Voice and Ensemble


Dedication Song [2019] for tenor, choir, clarinet, bass and piano

River of Silence [2016] for soprano, theorbo and percussion


Lior [2006] for soprano, violin, cello, clarinet and bassoon

[arr. viola instead of bassoon]


The Creation Septet [2003] for soprano, violin, viola, cello, contrabass, clarinet and percussion [arr. piano]



Closer [2022] for two alto saxophones

Prayer without Words [2018] for harp and soprano saxophone

Nocturnal Episode [2014] for shakuhachi and baroque violin


Five [2012] for grande bass recorder, bass clarinet, violin and cello


Shedun Fini [2012] hommage to Schubert's Symphony in B minor (“Unfinished”) for clarinet, cello and piano


Quest [2008] for tenor saxophone and piano


Slightly Disturbed [2006] monodrama for violin, clarinet and cello [arr. contrabass]


Restricted Military Zone [2005] for percussion duo


Brief Memories [2004] for string trio


Operation 60-20 [2003] for percussion duo


Winter [2003] Fantasia for flute and vibraphone


Polarizations [2023] for solo viola

By These Rivers [2022] for solo recorder (voiceflute)

An Ode To Time [2021] for solo piano


In Pursuit Of... [2018] for solo harpsichord

Broken Glass [2014] 'a comment on commercialism' for piano

Berlin Beat [201o] for solo marimba

Two Episodes [2008] for solo mandolin:

Into a Dream, Under Torn Skies


90 Sec [2007] for solo saxophone


Akeda (The Binding of Isaac) [2006] for solo viola


Ponderings on a Memory [2005] for solo cello


Three Episodes [2005] for solo oboe / saxophone


Moment Before… [2005] for solo violin


Pia-no! [2004] prelude and toccata for piano


Rhapsody [2004] for solo cello


Variations [2003] for solo violin 


Monologue [2003] for solo saxophone


Makom [2002] Fantasia for solo flute

Israel 2001 [2001] Sonata for solo violin

Incidental Music

Nachlass (Legacy) [2017] for prepared piano. Documentary film

Musical Chairs [2006] for orchestra. Short animation film

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