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Gilad Hochman Composer Israel Berlin New Classical Music Composer Art Musc Live Concert

Already a well-known classical composer

─ BBC World Service

The New York Times – Review

...the work’s single movements contain plenty of humor and self-deprecation. Perhaps most impressive was Mr. Hochman’s gift for assembling musical gestures that come across as psychologically revealing, whether it’s players’ finishing each other’s sentences, the neurotic instability suggested by a microtonal wobble on a held note or the freezing self-doubt of a painfully quiet passage.

Most impressive was Mr. Hochman’s gift for assembling musical gestures
‒ Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, New York Times

Already a well known classical composer
‒ Kristine Pommert, BBC World Service

This miracle of a chamber piece is the work of Gilad Hochman
‒ Elisabeth Neu, Jewish Voice From Germany

Hochman's exciting music is recommended throughout!
‒ Tristan Meister, Chorzeit – das Vokalmagazin

Meteoric career to composer Gilad Hochman
‒ Christopher Nielsen, Deutschland Magazine

A fascinating, original and colorful creator
The Israeli Prime Minister's Prize committee

Hochman sheds new light on customary expressions in music
‒ Noam Ben-Zeev, Ha'aretz 

A rising star in the classical music world
‒ Anne Mailliet, France 24

Hochman writes with a true artist's hand
‒ Ora Binur, Ma'ariv 

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