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Gilad Hochman Composer Israel Berlin New Classical Music Composer Art Musc Live Concert

Hochman sheds new light on customary

expressions in music  ─  Haaretz

Niemands Orte. (No Man's Places.) is an art-documentary exhibition project focusing on the National Socialist camp system. It contains a main exhibition and a growing number of independent chapters,  shedding light on a different part or aspect of the camp system. 

The exhibitions combine projected still-photography-based visual art by Christian Herrnbeck (Germany) with new classical instrumental music by Gilad Hochman (Israel), in addition to texts that elaborate on the historical background of each topic.

Niemands Orte. is dedicated to the millions of people who were discriminated, disfranchised, persecuted, tortured, traumatized and murdered by National Socialists and their helpers.

On the occasion of 70 years to the end of National Socialist terror and World War II in 2015, the project's exhibitions were launched internationally and have been presented in Warsaw, Moscow and Berlin, among other places.

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